Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Adjective movie reflection-grammar

In language B I’ve been learning about grammar. Now I’m learning about adjective. Adjectives are words that describe noun. I’ve learned many new adjective words.  A project for my adjective unit was to make a movie about 45 seconds to 1 minute about adjectives. I like this activity because when I did this activity we need to be creative. This activity also helped me to understand more about adjectives and learn more new adjectives.

Some of the steps to make my movie were, first to find two videos in “YouTube”, put your video into “IMovie”, mute the video that you’ve found, write adjectives in the video, make the introduction about adjectives, put a title page, make a slide of adjectives that I’ve put in the videos, export your movie to “Garageband”, record your voice talking about the adjectives that I’ve put to my videos, make your own music and put it into your movie, then last we export it in “ITunes”. My favorite part was making the music. The most difficult part was when you record your voice in “Garageband”.

This is my movie…


  1. What a wonderful movie! I thought those pups were very intelligent and so cute! I have a puppy that is white and black. He is not as smart as these dogs but he sure is funny! Keep up the good work with your videos! ~ Dillon Rogers University of South Alabama

  2. I like your video, Ivonne. I suspect you will remember what an adjective does after doing this work. My question to you is, why do you need to know what an adjective does?

    Mr. C
    Noel, Missouri USA

  3. Great job, Ivonne!

    You were very creative with this project. I liked the two videos you used here. Your timing of the word "hungry" was perfect!

    You learned to use iMovie, GarageBand, and iTunes really well! Many people (especially adults) think that short projects like this are easy, but it's the opposite because there are many parts to put together.

    I was wondering how you got YouTube videos onto your iMovie. And did you and your class talk about citing these clips?

    Look forward to seeing more of your projects,

    Mrs. Lim
    Music teacher from Philadelphia, PA (USA)

  4. Thank you for the comments...

    @ DoremiGirl, I put my video to my ITunes first then I drag it to IMovie and we don't talk about citing these clip yet but Mr. Jabiz said that the videos in YouTube can be cited.

    @ Wm Chamberlain, I need to know what adjective does because it's the rule of Grammar and because I'm studying about parts of speech.