Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final Post

In my ESL class, we could choose what we want to study about. I choose to study more about art supplies. I chose art supplies because art is my favorite subject and I want to learn more about the things that we use in art. There are many art supplies so, I choose one of the art supplies. I study about flubber. First I made a post for the Knowledge stage. In the knowledge stage, I research about art supplies. Second I made another post for Comprehension stage. In the Comprehension stage, I have to understand more about flubber. Next, is the Application stage. In this stage, I made the flubber. Last, is the analyze stage which I'm doing now. In this stage I need to answer my UOI question. This is my question:

What are the effects of making homemade art supplies?

There are few effects from making homemade art supplies. First effect for students is that we could do it again and we save money. Like the materials cost Rp.100.000, 00 and the flubber at the store cost much more and hard to find, To make flubber is very easy and the materials that we need to make flubber is easy to find.

Second effect for me is that I could have new experience and I could learn. We could learn how to make a perfect flubber; I make my own flubber, so we have new experience. It is very fun to make flubber at home because I like to mix and squish the glue until the glue becomes flubber, but I want to put more drops of food coloring, so the color of my flubber is not blurry.

Third effect on artists is the flubber that we made is not as good as the one at shops. Flubber is hard to find in shops. The materials that we used and the materials that the shops used are different, so the flubber that we make at home is not as good as the shops made. But it’s better to make your own flubber than buying it because we could have new experience and we could learn something.

This is my interview with Mr. Jabiz (My ESL teacher). Please Enjoy!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Art Supplies: Week 5

This week is the fifth week to learn about art supplies. Here are the projects that I made for the fifth week. Please Enjoy!

My first task was to make a movie showing how to make flubber. Here is my movie. Please Enjoy!

My second task for this week was to tell about my flubber. Here is a paragraph about my flubber. 
My flubber turns out perfect as I want it to be. My flubber is purple. My flubber is fun to play but when I put the flubber in a cold or hot room the flubber will melt and become water. I love to play with flubber.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Art Supplies: Week 4

This is a  movie that I made about the difference between watercolor and flubber. Please enjoy!

The next step is to "Predict what will happen if I use dye that I made instead of food coloring." I think the flubber will be just fine if I use dye that I made because food coloring and dye is like paint, but I need to know some recipes to make dye.

The next step is "Can I write flubber recipe without looking at the website." This is the recipe that I wrote with out looking at the website:
In one bowl, stir together ¾ warm water, 1 cup of glue and food coloring to get the color you want. In the second bowl, stir together ½ cup of water and 2 teaspoons to Borax. Pour the first bowl into the second bowl and you have a flubber!

Then my last step for this week is to "I write a brief outline of the steps." Here is a movie that I made for the brief outline. Please Enjoy!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Art Supplies

In my ESL class I learn about "Art Supplies" for my free study unit. After researching how to make 4 easy homemade art supplies I found a website called "The Homeschool Classroom." This website was great because it tells how to make an easy homemade art supplies. Some of the art supplies that I'm going to try are Watercolor Paint, Puffy Paint, Flubber and Bath Crayons.

Watercolor paint:
The materials that I need to make watercolor paint are corn starch, corn syrup, baking soda, white vinegar and food coloring. I'm not going to try to make watercolor paint because I think to make watercolor paint need a long time.

The materials that I need to make flubber are warm water, glue, food coloring, 2 bowls and borax. I'm going to try to make flubber because I think to make flubber is simple.

Puffy Paint:
The materials that I need to make Puffy paint are 1 bowl, flour, salt, water, tempera paint and a squeeze bottle. I'm not going to try to make puffy paint because I think to make Puffy paint is too complicated.
Bath Crayons:
The materials to make Bath crayon are soap, hot water and food coloring. I'm going to make bath crayons if my flubber fail. I want to make bath crayons because I think to make bath croyons is easy and I don't need to find many materials.

Do anybody know how to make dye?
I want to make my own dye instead of using food coloring.
To go to the website for more recipes to make other art supplies follow this link.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Areas Of Interaction - Environment

This is my poster about environment. Environment is one of the Areas Of Interaction or AOI. First, my teacher, Ms Ildi told us that we have to make a poster about an Area of Interaction, and I pick environment. Then, I made a title called "Environment"and change the background color from white to green. After I made a title and changed the background color I looked for pictures connected to environment. Then, I typed questions about environment. Last, I printed my poster. I had fun making this poster.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Learner Styles

There are three learning styles: Visual learners, Auditory learners and Kinesthetic learners.
Visual learners learn through seeing, auditory learners learn through listening and kinesthetic learners learn through moving, touching and doing.

I think my learner style is Visual because I learn more when I see things. By learning through visual I love to make notes with colors and I study from the notes that I've made.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Compound Sentence Movie

This is my movie about compound sentence. I hope you'll understand more about compound sentence after you watch this movie. Please Enjoy!