Monday, 25 April 2011

Art Supplies

In my ESL class I learn about "Art Supplies" for my free study unit. After researching how to make 4 easy homemade art supplies I found a website called "The Homeschool Classroom." This website was great because it tells how to make an easy homemade art supplies. Some of the art supplies that I'm going to try are Watercolor Paint, Puffy Paint, Flubber and Bath Crayons.

Watercolor paint:
The materials that I need to make watercolor paint are corn starch, corn syrup, baking soda, white vinegar and food coloring. I'm not going to try to make watercolor paint because I think to make watercolor paint need a long time.

The materials that I need to make flubber are warm water, glue, food coloring, 2 bowls and borax. I'm going to try to make flubber because I think to make flubber is simple.

Puffy Paint:
The materials that I need to make Puffy paint are 1 bowl, flour, salt, water, tempera paint and a squeeze bottle. I'm not going to try to make puffy paint because I think to make Puffy paint is too complicated.
Bath Crayons:
The materials to make Bath crayon are soap, hot water and food coloring. I'm going to make bath crayons if my flubber fail. I want to make bath crayons because I think to make bath croyons is easy and I don't need to find many materials.

Do anybody know how to make dye?
I want to make my own dye instead of using food coloring.
To go to the website for more recipes to make other art supplies follow this link.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Areas Of Interaction - Environment

This is my poster about environment. Environment is one of the Areas Of Interaction or AOI. First, my teacher, Ms Ildi told us that we have to make a poster about an Area of Interaction, and I pick environment. Then, I made a title called "Environment"and change the background color from white to green. After I made a title and changed the background color I looked for pictures connected to environment. Then, I typed questions about environment. Last, I printed my poster. I had fun making this poster.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Learner Styles

There are three learning styles: Visual learners, Auditory learners and Kinesthetic learners.
Visual learners learn through seeing, auditory learners learn through listening and kinesthetic learners learn through moving, touching and doing.

I think my learner style is Visual because I learn more when I see things. By learning through visual I love to make notes with colors and I study from the notes that I've made.