Monday, 25 April 2011

Art Supplies

In my ESL class I learn about "Art Supplies" for my free study unit. After researching how to make 4 easy homemade art supplies I found a website called "The Homeschool Classroom." This website was great because it tells how to make an easy homemade art supplies. Some of the art supplies that I'm going to try are Watercolor Paint, Puffy Paint, Flubber and Bath Crayons.

Watercolor paint:
The materials that I need to make watercolor paint are corn starch, corn syrup, baking soda, white vinegar and food coloring. I'm not going to try to make watercolor paint because I think to make watercolor paint need a long time.

The materials that I need to make flubber are warm water, glue, food coloring, 2 bowls and borax. I'm going to try to make flubber because I think to make flubber is simple.

Puffy Paint:
The materials that I need to make Puffy paint are 1 bowl, flour, salt, water, tempera paint and a squeeze bottle. I'm not going to try to make puffy paint because I think to make Puffy paint is too complicated.
Bath Crayons:
The materials to make Bath crayon are soap, hot water and food coloring. I'm going to make bath crayons if my flubber fail. I want to make bath crayons because I think to make bath croyons is easy and I don't need to find many materials.

Do anybody know how to make dye?
I want to make my own dye instead of using food coloring.
To go to the website for more recipes to make other art supplies follow this link.


  1. Hi Ivonne
    I often use weak coffee or a wet tea bag to "dye" paper to make it look old or antique. Start with a wet teabag (cold). Slowly 'paint' on the paper. You should let it dry between coats and three to four coats should be enough. Mix up half a teaspoon of coffee (granulated coffee seems to work better for some reason) in a cup of warm water - let the water cool before you sponge or paint onto your paper. Add more coffee grains if you want a darker dye.
    I love your ideas for making other art supplies and I hope you post how the making of flubber goes! (I think that's something my son would love to make!)
    Ms H
    (in Bangkok Thailand)

  2. Beetroot can be used to dye things pink or red. I'll see if I can find any instructions.

  3. @ Teaching Sagittarian: Thank you for the tip and thank you for helping me.
    @ Megan: Thank you that you want to help me.