Thursday, 28 October 2010

Storybird Reflection

Last three weeks in Language B, I made a story in Storybird. Storybird is a website. I use Storybird to make ideas.

In Storybird we can have more ideas because by seeing the picture in Storybird. I think storybird is fun to use, especially when we make story.

My Story is about a girl name Gabriel was mocked by the older friends and she didn't have any friends. Then one day a boy named Colin ask her out and they become friends.

The first step that I that I did to make the story is Search for images in storybird. I like to make this first step because it's nice to see the different pictures. Secondly, after I done choosing our picture for our own story, I made 21 slides. After that I added text to each slide.  I don't really like this stage because I need to think all the words for the story.

The next step was add dialogue and adjective and edited verbs to past tense. Then we took screenshots and printed every slide for a large story board.
This is my Story Board
This step is my favorite step because I love to take screenshot and print thing. Next, I cut and Paste all the text into a word document and added sensory language for example: smell, sound touch and feeling. Lastly I chose one conversation and made it longer.

That is the steps that I follow so far. I haven't finished my Storybird story because it was a long time to make it done. I was happy with my work so far. The most difficult part is the added text to each slide part. The stage I love the most is search for images in Storybird. Some of the words that I changed are the word that were not past tense.

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