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Gabriel's Fun Time...

This is my first podcast in Language B. My Podcast is about A girl named Gabriel always mocked by her friends. The things that I like the most from the steps of making this podcast is put sounds and musics in it. The things that I don't like from this podcast is recording it because when I record something wrong, I need to edit it or even record it again. I felt happy that I already done my podcast because it need to do hard things and some easy things. To read my reflection, Click Here.

One lovely night a kind girl named Gabriel and her fluffy dog, Max were looking at the blue sky. Gabriel was a 13-year-old girl. Every night before they went to bed Gabriel and Max loved to see the stars and the moon together. They could hear the owls, the frogs, the soft wind and the birds singing. They could smell the flowers. That night was a cold night.
Gabriel was the youngest student in grade 9. She was a smart student who loved to read books. She was polite and nice to everyone.  Everyday she went to school the older student always mocked her. "Ha-ha you’re the youngest at the class". Gabriel felt sad and lonely. But she didn't care. She was hearing the bird singing that cheered her up and she could hear Gabriel’s car in front of the gate.

The next day was test day. She would be in grade 10 next year, if she passed the test. That night there was a disco party, but Gabriel just stayed at home and studied for the test. When she was studying she felt comfortable in the sofa. She heard soft music from her earphone.

But her friends went to the party and didn't study for the test. They didn't care about the test and they just cared that they had some fun at the party.
One student from the class asked, "Hey have you studied for tomorrow?"
" Not yet. And who cares about the test." another one answered.
Then the first one asked again “ Hey what do you think Gabriel’s doing? She didn’t come to the party, you know?”
 “ I know. I think she’s studying, she always get 100 for her tests. But we are smarter than her,” the second one said
The first one agreed” yap, we didn’t need to study because we are smart enough.”
After a while the second one suggest, “ Let’s go have some fun.”
 “ Sure,”  the second one answered.

In the party it was so noisy, the music was so loud, the people were talking to each other, people were dancing and the bottles were noisy. The people were happy to be in the party before tomorrow’s test. They were having fun until midnight. The AC made the room so cold.

The next day, it was test day. In the test her friends were confused and sleepy, but Gabriel answered all the difficult questions correctly. One of her friends wants to cheat from her but the mean teacher saw him and he was punished. Out side they could hear the traffic and it was windy.

Because Gabriel studied, Gabriel had the holiday first. But her friends still had their re-test. That day Gabriel felt free from the mocking. Out of the house was raining the wind was load. During the holiday she spent her time playing with the rain and her best friend, Gisela.

It was cold down the big tree where Gisela sit with her cow and Gabriel. Even though, she didn't have any friends at school she had a nice neighbor. They were best friends. In the holiday they always spent time together even when one of them went somewhere, like the beach the other one would follow. Her best friend was named Gisela.

They loved climbing to the roof and ate their ice cream while looking at the birds singing and the beautiful trees. They were very happy to do the things that they loved to do in the holiday. It’s quite a hot day. But they were happy.
Gisele started “ What a nice day to have fun”
 “ Yup!” Gabriel reply
Gisele asked“ So, what did you do yesterday?”
 “ Usually, Study” Gabriel answered
Gisele asked her again“ You didn’t go to the party last night?”
“ No” Gabriel answered
“Me to” Gisele continued
Gabriel continued“ Why not?”
“I was studying to hard for the test that I forgot about the party” Gisele reply
“Uhhhhhh” Together they grumble.

This is Colin. Colin is in Grade 10. He had a cute dog-named Freddy. One day his best friend from Grade 9 said " Wow, Gabriel was so smart and a hard worker!" Colin already knows Gabriel well, because they were in one neighbor. Colin was a smart boy also. He loved study also and a hard worker. He also loves to do fun things with his dog, Freddy.

In the holiday Colin asked Gabriel out for a walk with him. Then they walked to the adventure park and spent their time there. By they walk in the park they could smell flowers and they could hear bird singing. It was a good day for them.

So every evening Colin asked Gabriel out for a walk with him. Every time they walked through the park they smell the flowers and hear the bird singing. They also feel the wind blowing softly. They felt very happy to be together.

Then the day before Gabriel went to the beach with her family for 2 weeks.
Gabriel asked Colin " Do you want to go to the beach with me?”
Colin answered "sure".
Then Gabriel asked him again “So, how is test, did you get good score.”
“ Yeah, I got 100 for math, 90 for science and all the other subject I got 85.” Colin answered
Then Gabriel said “Nice than.”
“ How about your test?” Colin asked her
“Well…” Gabriel reply “I got 100 for every thing” Gabriel continue
“Nice, Good job” Colin said
“Thank you” Gabriel reply back

At the beach Gabriel, Gisele, Colin and Gabriel's family made sand castle and did many things that they usually did in the beach. They heard the beach water splashing there and hear. In the beach it’s hot but the wind blow hard. They were cheerful and they had fun.

So when they went to the beach Gabriel, Colin and Max had fun time together. They play the beach water together. In the beach they could hear the bird sing, feel the wind slow there and here.

They also had a delicious picnic there and had fun. After spending time for two weeks they went home happily because they missed their town very much.

After they went home, the next day was school day. Gabriel was so tired that night. At Gabriel’s house she could hear the owl out the window, the birds singing, the soft wind blow, the frogs, and the crickets. It was cold out side Gabriel’s house.

The next day Gabriel and Colin went to school together. Then in the school they still mocked Gabriel but when they mocked Gabriel the principle saw them and the principle sent them to the office. From that day her friends didn't mock Gabriel again. After that week the older student asked her many education things. "Gabriel how this." Then another one said "Gabriel how this."

But even she was busy and tired she was glad that her friends didn't mock her anymore.

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