Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Things That Love To Do

The things that I love to do most at home is playing with my dog. My dog's name was Max. My dog love to lick me. I love to feed him because when I gave him the food he always jump around. The first time my mom took him home I was a bit afraid of him but now I wasn't scared anymore. Every time I went home from school he barked at me and my brother.

At the holidays my brother and I love to take my dog a bath (When he was dirty). Sometimes when I don't play with him, he make a funny look, so I want to play with him. On sunday my dad, my brother and I take   my dog for a walk around the complex. When we went for a walk we usually we went to my grandfather's house and gave my dog a drink for awhile. For me my dog was a good dog.

My dog Max

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